happy women’s day

to all of us. The ones beautiful inside. And to the ones who are going that way. To those who fought for us to have what we have today and most of all to those who are still fighting for it. Love you all.

I was in the shower. I felt so happy, somehow beyond words, even though today was not my best day, and at some point in the afternoon I felt quite a bit down. I wanted to invite my boyfriend to have a cocktail. But he didn’t answer to my calls nor emails. So I figured it was up to me to make myself feel better, feel loved and strong. On my way home I went to a flower shop. I wanted to buy myself the most beautiful bouquet they had. But I didn’t like any of them. Still , being determined I chose some single roses, some other tiny flower small bouquets and asked the florist to make me a beautiful bouquet. I waited in line for almost 15 minutes, between, most of them men, some buying the cheapest bouquets, other buying the most extravagant ones. Some of them also gave directions to the florists saying what their woman likes or doesn’t. The last ones were having a wide smile on their faces. So did I. They wrapped mine completely in paper . As soon as I got out, I unwrapped it and held it proudly in my hand, smelling the beautifully scented roses and feeling like the happiest. It is definitely not the first time I buy myself flowers, but somehow today it felt different. It felt like i am strong, self reliable, like I don’t need or expect anything from anyone. I can be my everything if it would come to that. Of course I enjoy being loved and spoiled. But today was about me.

On the way home I saw some bushes with dark berries and I plucked a few  (sorry dear neighbours) which made my bouquet perfect. I met our neighbour at the front door who was a gentleman and opened it  for me. As I got home S was not waiting for me with flowers, but, as soon as I got in, he said, with a huge smile on its face, that he will prepare the dinner for us by himself. My favourite one, which is kind of laborious and which we usually make together. Yes, that is what I truly enjoy. Someone making a nice gesture for me, not expecting to get something, but to be surprised with the small things. Today.

I showered, put on my favourite oil, the sexiest slippers and my new pyjamas, lit my favourite candle, poured ourselves some wine and smelled my flowers.

Beautiful women from all over the world, respect yourselves and love yourselves. Make what feels right and good for you. Always, but if possible, especially today.

Listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite movie, relax, take your make-up off, think of the special women in your life and be thankful for them, even if they are one call away or you have to search for them in the stars. Tonight is about enjoying. The other days of the year are about fighting.


Gotta run. Dinner is ready and it’s smelling amazing.



It has been a while since my detox week. I was not very sure if I should post it or not. The reason for my uncertainty is the seriousness of this commitment.

Before I started the detox plan I discussed about it with my doctor and when she gave me her ‘blessing’ I jumped right into it.

Why the detox?

I have been eating pretty healthy for about 15 years now (since I moved away from my grandma. @ my grandma- she knows I love her the most, but I can only make it up to 2 days with her cooking habits – the traditional Hungarian + Romanian dishes). But a few years ago I worked for a some months in a cafe and ate a lot of their junk food. After I quit, I had my blood tests done and the results were not good. I had poisoned my liver with the junk food. It was then I had my first detox.  After the cleansing and eating healthy for about a year, my liver was clean again. I consider that a detox plan, only if done responsibly, can improve one’s health. And it is a good New Year’s resolution. To a fresh start!

For those interested, I can look up the exact quantities for the recipes and update the post. Below are the main ingredients I used for my last cure week. First time I did a very severe diet consisting of only vegetable soup and juices (no carbs, no proteins, no fruits, no nuts/ oils/ spices)- only steamed vegetables pureed or juiced. Iiic! I mean, hey, I super cleaned my liver and all, but no way I am doing it again.

This time I opted for a milder version of a liquid diet.

Vegetables detox week (I spent about 50 euros for these ingredients):

Day 1:

  • broccoli soup (steamed broccoli, 1 onion)
  • 1 fennel tea
  • 1 herb tea
  • green smoothie with pear (spinach, pear, avocado, spirulina, lemon, mint, ginger)
  • green soup (yams, spinach, onion, garlic, coconut oil, pepper, lemon)
No major changing. In the afternoon I craved some crackers but got over it, and as I ate the dinner I got a burst of energy.
Day 2:
  • 1 fennel tea
  • 1 herb tea
  • green smoothie with pear (spinach, pear, avocado, spirulina, lemon, mint, ginger)
  • green soup (yams, spinach, onion, garlic, coconut oil, pepper, lemon)
  • yellow smoothie (2 apples, 3 celery stalks, 2 carrots, 1 lime, ginger)
Had a migrene almost all day long- toxins were getting out and I could feel it. Yey!
Had a 2 hours nap after work- couldn’t do without.
Day 3:
  • grapefruit juice (1,5 grapefruit )
  • 1/3 baby pineapple, 1 tsp maca powder, 2 apples, 1 lime, 1 lemon, 50 ml coconut milk
  •  1 avocado, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 lime, 1 lemon, 6 dates
  • 8 tomatoes, 500 ml water, pepper, chilli, 15 basil leaves, 150 ml coconut milk
I was feeling very dizzy in the morning, so I suggest preparing the avocado breakfast the night  before, in order to grab something nutritive quickly after waking up.
Day 4:
  •  1 avocado, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 lime, 1 lemon, 6 dattes (makes 2 serves had one the day before)
  • leek soup (1/2 yam, 3x leeks, 1/2 onion, 1 clove garlic, coconut oil, 5 mushrooms, 1/2 lemon, pepper)
  • 1 cucumber, 1 lime, 3 radishes, 1 pear, 5 mint leaves
  • 3 carrots, 1 lime, 1 slice pineapple, 1 apple



Day 5:
  • avocado, 1 lemon, 1/2 lime, coconut oil 1 tsp, 5 dates
  • 1/2 beetroot, 2 carrots, 1/3 pineapple, 1 apple,  1 cm ginger, 1/4 lemon
  • 5 small carrots, 1 onion, 2 peppers, 3 tomatoes, 1 tsp lime juice, 3 datesIMG_7135IMG_7128
Day 6 and 7:
  • repeat with you favourite recipes from this week ( 2 teas, 1 smoothie for breakfast, 1 soup for lunch, more tea and soup for dinner)
  • on the seventh day, for dinner you can have a steamed apple (no sugar or toppings) to get used to the more solid consistency.
Let me know if you have tried it, or other detox recipes, and feel free to share them below. Happy New Year!

Sparkling nude pedicure

Rituals | Pedicure

Just in time for those perfect summer sandals. Pair the sparkling nude manicure with this sleek and glam pedicure.

First step is to prepare everything you will need before you get started.


Here is a list of what I use for this nude pedicure ritual:

  • acetone free nail polish remover
  • cotton pads
  • glass nail file
  • ceramic cuticle pen
  • color correcting pen
  • base coat which is also the main color
  • top coat
  • cuticle nourishing oil
  • golden loose glitter
  • rich hand cream
  • I also use a glass sheet to protect the table. The glass is very easy to clean if your nails polish does get on it.


These are also the products I used for the sparkling nude manicure- you can see the post here. Besides all this, I also used the toes separators from Avon and a clean felt brush from an empty eyeliner which is so beautiful that I had to reuse.

Step 2. Remove any residues off your nails. It’s better to use an acetone free nail remover. I do this even if my nails were not painted, to make sure I remove the oily film off the nails. this way the nail polish adheres better.


Step 3. Using a wooden or ceramic cuticle pushers, free the bed of your nails from dead skin by pushing it towards your finger. I do this before filing my nails. When your nails are freed from the excess skin they might have another shape at the base. Try to resist cutting it, because this will only make your cuticles grow thicker, or in the worst case you might get an infection.


Step 4. Use a glass nail file to give the desired shape to your nails. Usually the best shape that fits you is the shape of the nails at their base.


Step 5. Use a base coat to avoid the yellow coloring of your nails. In this case I used Ballet Slippers from Essie.  It works well as a base, but it is pretty enough to be worn for the color as well. I like to use the toe separators (easy to clean, just throw them in the washing machine every now and then) to avoid messing up the paint.


Step 6. After painting your nails (1 layer of base coat and 1 or 2 layers of top coat) use a nail polish remover pencil to correct the edges or mishaps. A perfect pedicure always has a ½ mm gap between the cuticles and where the nail polish starts.


Step 7. I added an extra glam to my nails with some golden flakes. Before the polish gets to dry, dab a clean, yet wet, felt brush in the glitter jar and gently press each flake on your nails in the desired shape.

You can skip this step if you want to keep it simple.



Step 8. Apply a layer of top coat to give the extra shine and protect your beautifully painted nails.


Step 9. Nourish your cuticles with a special oil. While many mani/ pedicurists do this right after filing the nails, I like to do this as a last step, because I don’t have to wash it off to apply the nail polish and while the oil absorbs in the skin, I tend to be more careful with the nails.


Step 10. When your nails are done, apply a nourishing cream to make this process feel even more like a ritual.

Wait a few minutes before you get your sandals on, or up to one or more hours if you have to wear socks or closed shoes.


Have fun painting your nails!


The beauty in the unexpected

A few days ago we had tickets to an international dance festival in Stuttgart. We were a bit overwhelmed by the many shows in the program (and also running out of time) so we decided on one show, not really knowing what kind of a dance it would be.

We arrived a bit early and we had time for a drink at the bar. The atmosphere, the people, the music, everything was amazing. I was wondering why don’t we do this more often? It is like food for the soul.

By the time the dance show was beginning we were already mega excited and then boom! The surprise. Lights went off and there were some hands projected onto the screen. I mean hands. Only hands. S and I exchanged looks…it was a HANDS dance show. I must admit that the first minutes I was a bit skeptical since I was expecting to see more body movements, but that feeling vanished in maximum fifteen minutes. Maybe the best part of it was that it surprised us. I have never seen a dance like this before and I bet that if I had known that is not a “normal” dance I wouldn’t have bought the tickets to this show. But we both loved it. It is so different and so emotional. You are so concentrated the whole time not to miss any part, any detail or movement. The details, the story (and the voice) are perfect. I am so happy that I got to see this particular show. It is called “Kiss and cry” – Charleroi Danse presented by Eric Gauthier.

Whenever you have the opportunity to see such an event, don’t miss it! It will change the way you look at dance.



I was wearing

Zara top

Fine merino wool sweater from COS

Stella McCartney silk bra

Vintage silk skirt

Zara shoes

Vintage leather clutch

Grey freshwater pearl earrings


I am curious to find out about pleasant surprises that happened to you.


Dreamtime in Seychelles

Travel diary | Seychelles

Since I was a child, my parents used to take me with in every city trip or holiday they had. During the communist period in Romania, it was very difficult, if not even impossible, to travel abroad. But they would bring me to the mountains, sea and lots of beautiful places in our country instead. As I was growing, they always sent me in school trips. I developed pretty early a love for travelling, new places and cultures.

I had never left Europe before. After landing on my job last year, I promised myself to take a really cool trip in the near future.

I took us quite a while to decide where to go for my first intercontinental holiday but I am so happy that we decided to go to the Seychelles. It was a dream of a holiday. Go! Go! Go there at least once in this lifetime.

The most important and beautiful is, of course, the land itself. And not to forget the man you go with. The rest are only details.

I felt the need to share with our amazing experience and the highlights of this trip


We chose to stay (the longest part of our holiday) at a guest house in the south of Mahe island. We did some research before and read so many good reviews about this place that we decided to give it a try. And the price was crazy! Such a good offer.

The name of the guest house is “L’Oasi”. The owners are a nice Italian couple with such an attention to detail. The breakfast was delicious as well, with local fruits , eggs, jams, homemade pancakes and cakes. The first days we could not remember the owners’ name, so each time we talked about her we would just call her “mamma”. We really felt like part of the family there. Also very nice was the garden, with mango and citrus trees and their three giant turtles. The location is very good as well. I don’t know about your travelling habits, but we always want to stay in the less touristic places, and enjoy the nature at her best. This was in the South of the island where the most amazing beaches are.


The second accommodation was in the Hilton Resort.  We had a huge room with terrace and an even bigger bathroom with whirlpool and terrace. The location was good as well and offered a great opportunity to snorkel. Not to mention that in this hotel wrote Ian Fleming his novel “Only for your eyes”- for the MI6 lovers.


However, for those who are not on a budget, the Four Seasons and Maia Resort on Mahe, and The Raffles Resort on Praslin are by far the best choices


Such great food on this island!! I love eating healthy and Seychelles did not let me down.

Best food by far was at the Veranda Cafe. It is very small, maybe only 6 tables (I can’t remember exactly) but so cozy. The employees are super nice as well.


The best part about food in Seychelles is that you always get fresh fish and fruits, which is pretty close to heaven for me. I also discovered so many fruits from which I’ve never even heard about before. Useless to say that the mangoes, oranges, avocados taste incomparably better than the overpriced ones you find in your local bio markets.

Typical here are the octopus and pretty much any seafood curry. They are a must try. For those who are not so impressed about sea food or fish, there are various offers of red meat, white meat or vegetables.

I discovered my favorite fruit there. It has several names, but the easiest to remember is: sugar apple. Too bad I can’t find it too often in Germany.

Other really good place to eat is the St. Andre Rum Distillery (for more information please visit http://www.laplaine.sc/ ). It is an 18th century farm. I has been completely renovated in the last years and the CEO is a half Creole half German guy, who takes such a good care about the whole business. We went there to buy local rum but ended up in going back to that place two times to have dinner and the best cocktails on the island. All this accompanied by live music played by a local band.


The best thing to drink, besides the rum, is the coconut water. So rich and tasty.



  • The Rum Distillery mentioned above
  • the tea factory (I bought a half year tea supply from there for us and friends)
  • the Hindu temple in Victoria


  • the Mission Lodge which is in the UNESCO patrimony. It used to be a refuge for the children saved from slavery. The current viewing platform was inaugurated by the Queen of England.


  • the Victoria market where you can buy local fruit and fish, and natural oil soaps (they make great gifts for your dearest friends)


  • the whole island and forests- the good part about Seychelles fauna is that there are no poisonous or dangerous animals on land ( the water is another story) and you are safe even in the deepest forests



  • Anse Intendance and Petite Anse- in my opinion these are the most beautiful beaches there. To go to Petite Anse you have to go through the Four Seasons Resort. They have a bar which is accessible also for non residents, with great food, drinks and couches.


  • Island hopping. During our stay we had planned to visit 2 other islands. We went first to Praslin, where we saw the Valle de Mai, also protected by UNESCO and famous for its Coco de Mer palms. Another highlight of this island is the Anse Lazio Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with superfine white sand and palm trees that grow horizontally. Unfortunately the weather was too bad to go to another island as well. Everything was planned but as we got to the port we had to cancel. The waves were unbelievably strong for that period, actually for Seychelles in general.





  • The absolute highlight of our trip was meeting the iSurf team. You are not allowed to skip this experience as long as you are healthy and feel young. I am so fascinated by surfing, but never had the courage to try it. That is why we booked first the stand up paddle lesson, which we totally enjoyed but also gave us the courage to try more. And the team, oh they are so cool. Super easy going and pay a lot of attention to your safety, are well informed about local conditions and make everything fun and easy (ok not easy, who am I kidding, but doable).


  • Hiking is a must as well. It is moderate difficulty- for those fit enough I would say easy to reach. The view on the top is breathtaking. On the day we chose for hiking was very cloudy, but we waited patiently and got several minutes when we had a good view over the small near island as well.



  • Snorkeling. There is such an amazing underwater landscape beginning in knee-high water.IMG_3981


  • No makeup. I mean it, really. I do not wear too much make up on a regular basis, but the only thing I wore during this holiday was a light lipstick.
  • Sunscreen. No exceptions and no further explanations needed. The higher the SPF, the better.
  • Natural fabrics. 90% of my clothes are made of natural fabrics but I still have some clothes that have a cool design, so the fabric was not the priority. The moment I tried one of my prettiest dresses which was of a non natural fabric I started scratching my skin. They are too uncomfortable for that heat and humidity.
  • Flats. For all those who know me well enough this might come as a surprise but I had no high heels on during those 16 days.
  • Hot bikinis. Need I say more? That’s even better than a couture gown there.


  • Tiare flowers, locally called Creoles, in your hair

    You will need
  • a strong anti insects spray (those mosquitoes are professionals, you can’t even hear them approaching)
  • several tubes of sunscreen
  • dark sunglasses with good filter
  • snorkel
  • tiny clothes in natural fabrics. The biggest amount of fabric I had on was a sleeveless long dress and it felt too hot
  • flip flops
  • Bikinis


  • summer sneakers for hiking
  • knife- so many fruits you can buy of pick yourself. It comes handy all the time


  • A camera. It doesn’t matter how good your camera is, because even with the best one you won’t be able to capture the true beauty of that place.
  • pills for sea sickness
  • good books and magazines


So my dears, I could write a text three times as long about this dream holiday, but I think I provided the most essential information already.

I hope you will get there sometimes and enjoy it at its most.

Which are your favorite places for unforgettable memories?