About shopping like a man

I remember as I was younger, and until not so long ago, I used to pack an enormous amount of clothes each time I traveled. My dad always teased me saying that I won’t even get the chance to wear half of them. To prove him wrong I struggled to change outfits at least twice a day.

One of his best fashion advice was “quality over quantity”. It took me quite a while to get its true meaning.

My parents always bought good fabrics and invested in timeless pieces. While growing up, I got the sense of a quality of clothes, but somehow there still were some cheap and not- so- fair pieces that make their way into my wardrobe without even noticing. My closet only got more crowded and I still felt like I had nothing to wear.

I read a book in February, called “Ich kauf nix” – “I’m not buying anything” by Nunu Kaller. It is not the most stimulating lecture, but it was so inspiring to me.  After a period with some serious financial struggles, I got my own job and I felt free to splurge.  While reading this book, in which the author herself spends a year without shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories, I decided to have a better look at my shopping habit. I observed how I used online browsing to disconnect from work, or to make me feel better (for a short time only) instead of the real pleasures of life. I am not claiming that I don’t enjoy new buys, but I am trying to select what I am buying and most importantly why.

I managed for five months to shop only when I really needed something and to stop spending many hours a week just checking out every new collection on the internet.  It doesn’t feel like I am on a slow shopping diet after these months anymore. Instead it feels more responsible and respectful to the environment (and my credit card as well).

I didn’t tell anyone about this “strategy” until a few weeks ago. I didn’t want anybody pointing it out at me just in case it wouldn’t have worked. But after these months, being super proud of my achievement, I told S about it and his reaction was: you are shopping like a man now.

I enjoy rediscovering my older clothes and it‘s so relieving to travel light.

I am curious about your shopping habits and how they’ve changed over the years. Feel free to share your thoughts below.



One thought on “About shopping like a man

  1. I love how you’ve grown into more minimalist shopping habits.
    I used to love buying clothes in my free time. I wasn’t getting expensive stuff, but I think I was getting more things than I needed.
    Once I had to move to different homes often, I realised I can’t hold on to a lot of clothes and things cause I can’t carry them around. I also had less space to store. When I started discarding clothes, I stopped buying as well. It didn’t feel right to acquire things knowing I would have to get rid of them soon enough.
    My intention now is to have a limited number of clothes of simple designs that I can mix and match easily. I’m not quite there yet. 🙂

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