Dreamtime in Seychelles

Travel diary | Seychelles

Since I was a child, my parents used to take me with in every city trip or holiday they had. During the communist period in Romania, it was very difficult, if not even impossible, to travel abroad. But they would bring me to the mountains, sea and lots of beautiful places in our country instead. As I was growing, they always sent me in school trips. I developed pretty early a love for travelling, new places and cultures.

I had never left Europe before. After landing on my job last year, I promised myself to take a really cool trip in the near future.

I took us quite a while to decide where to go for my first intercontinental holiday but I am so happy that we decided to go to the Seychelles. It was a dream of a holiday. Go! Go! Go there at least once in this lifetime.

The most important and beautiful is, of course, the land itself. And not to forget the man you go with. The rest are only details.

I felt the need to share with our amazing experience and the highlights of this trip


We chose to stay (the longest part of our holiday) at a guest house in the south of Mahe island. We did some research before and read so many good reviews about this place that we decided to give it a try. And the price was crazy! Such a good offer.

The name of the guest house is “L’Oasi”. The owners are a nice Italian couple with such an attention to detail. The breakfast was delicious as well, with local fruits , eggs, jams, homemade pancakes and cakes. The first days we could not remember the owners’ name, so each time we talked about her we would just call her “mamma”. We really felt like part of the family there. Also very nice was the garden, with mango and citrus trees and their three giant turtles. The location is very good as well. I don’t know about your travelling habits, but we always want to stay in the less touristic places, and enjoy the nature at her best. This was in the South of the island where the most amazing beaches are.


The second accommodation was in the Hilton Resort.  We had a huge room with terrace and an even bigger bathroom with whirlpool and terrace. The location was good as well and offered a great opportunity to snorkel. Not to mention that in this hotel wrote Ian Fleming his novel “Only for your eyes”- for the MI6 lovers.


However, for those who are not on a budget, the Four Seasons and Maia Resort on Mahe, and The Raffles Resort on Praslin are by far the best choices


Such great food on this island!! I love eating healthy and Seychelles did not let me down.

Best food by far was at the Veranda Cafe. It is very small, maybe only 6 tables (I can’t remember exactly) but so cozy. The employees are super nice as well.


The best part about food in Seychelles is that you always get fresh fish and fruits, which is pretty close to heaven for me. I also discovered so many fruits from which I’ve never even heard about before. Useless to say that the mangoes, oranges, avocados taste incomparably better than the overpriced ones you find in your local bio markets.

Typical here are the octopus and pretty much any seafood curry. They are a must try. For those who are not so impressed about sea food or fish, there are various offers of red meat, white meat or vegetables.

I discovered my favorite fruit there. It has several names, but the easiest to remember is: sugar apple. Too bad I can’t find it too often in Germany.

Other really good place to eat is the St. Andre Rum Distillery (for more information please visit http://www.laplaine.sc/ ). It is an 18th century farm. I has been completely renovated in the last years and the CEO is a half Creole half German guy, who takes such a good care about the whole business. We went there to buy local rum but ended up in going back to that place two times to have dinner and the best cocktails on the island. All this accompanied by live music played by a local band.


The best thing to drink, besides the rum, is the coconut water. So rich and tasty.



  • The Rum Distillery mentioned above
  • the tea factory (I bought a half year tea supply from there for us and friends)
  • the Hindu temple in Victoria


  • the Mission Lodge which is in the UNESCO patrimony. It used to be a refuge for the children saved from slavery. The current viewing platform was inaugurated by the Queen of England.


  • the Victoria market where you can buy local fruit and fish, and natural oil soaps (they make great gifts for your dearest friends)


  • the whole island and forests- the good part about Seychelles fauna is that there are no poisonous or dangerous animals on land ( the water is another story) and you are safe even in the deepest forests



  • Anse Intendance and Petite Anse- in my opinion these are the most beautiful beaches there. To go to Petite Anse you have to go through the Four Seasons Resort. They have a bar which is accessible also for non residents, with great food, drinks and couches.


  • Island hopping. During our stay we had planned to visit 2 other islands. We went first to Praslin, where we saw the Valle de Mai, also protected by UNESCO and famous for its Coco de Mer palms. Another highlight of this island is the Anse Lazio Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with superfine white sand and palm trees that grow horizontally. Unfortunately the weather was too bad to go to another island as well. Everything was planned but as we got to the port we had to cancel. The waves were unbelievably strong for that period, actually for Seychelles in general.





  • The absolute highlight of our trip was meeting the iSurf team. You are not allowed to skip this experience as long as you are healthy and feel young. I am so fascinated by surfing, but never had the courage to try it. That is why we booked first the stand up paddle lesson, which we totally enjoyed but also gave us the courage to try more. And the team, oh they are so cool. Super easy going and pay a lot of attention to your safety, are well informed about local conditions and make everything fun and easy (ok not easy, who am I kidding, but doable).


  • Hiking is a must as well. It is moderate difficulty- for those fit enough I would say easy to reach. The view on the top is breathtaking. On the day we chose for hiking was very cloudy, but we waited patiently and got several minutes when we had a good view over the small near island as well.



  • Snorkeling. There is such an amazing underwater landscape beginning in knee-high water.IMG_3981


  • No makeup. I mean it, really. I do not wear too much make up on a regular basis, but the only thing I wore during this holiday was a light lipstick.
  • Sunscreen. No exceptions and no further explanations needed. The higher the SPF, the better.
  • Natural fabrics. 90% of my clothes are made of natural fabrics but I still have some clothes that have a cool design, so the fabric was not the priority. The moment I tried one of my prettiest dresses which was of a non natural fabric I started scratching my skin. They are too uncomfortable for that heat and humidity.
  • Flats. For all those who know me well enough this might come as a surprise but I had no high heels on during those 16 days.
  • Hot bikinis. Need I say more? That’s even better than a couture gown there.


  • Tiare flowers, locally called Creoles, in your hair

    You will need
  • a strong anti insects spray (those mosquitoes are professionals, you can’t even hear them approaching)
  • several tubes of sunscreen
  • dark sunglasses with good filter
  • snorkel
  • tiny clothes in natural fabrics. The biggest amount of fabric I had on was a sleeveless long dress and it felt too hot
  • flip flops
  • Bikinis


  • summer sneakers for hiking
  • knife- so many fruits you can buy of pick yourself. It comes handy all the time


  • A camera. It doesn’t matter how good your camera is, because even with the best one you won’t be able to capture the true beauty of that place.
  • pills for sea sickness
  • good books and magazines


So my dears, I could write a text three times as long about this dream holiday, but I think I provided the most essential information already.

I hope you will get there sometimes and enjoy it at its most.

Which are your favorite places for unforgettable memories?


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