The beauty in the unexpected

A few days ago we had tickets to an international dance festival in Stuttgart. We were a bit overwhelmed by the many shows in the program (and also running out of time) so we decided on one show, not really knowing what kind of a dance it would be.

We arrived a bit early and we had time for a drink at the bar. The atmosphere, the people, the music, everything was amazing. I was wondering why don’t we do this more often? It is like food for the soul.

By the time the dance show was beginning we were already mega excited and then boom! The surprise. Lights went off and there were some hands projected onto the screen. I mean hands. Only hands. S and I exchanged looks…it was a HANDS dance show. I must admit that the first minutes I was a bit skeptical since I was expecting to see more body movements, but that feeling vanished in maximum fifteen minutes. Maybe the best part of it was that it surprised us. I have never seen a dance like this before and I bet that if I had known that is not a “normal” dance I wouldn’t have bought the tickets to this show. But we both loved it. It is so different and so emotional. You are so concentrated the whole time not to miss any part, any detail or movement. The details, the story (and the voice) are perfect. I am so happy that I got to see this particular show. It is called “Kiss and cry” – Charleroi Danse presented by Eric Gauthier.

Whenever you have the opportunity to see such an event, don’t miss it! It will change the way you look at dance.



I was wearing

Zara top

Fine merino wool sweater from COS

Stella McCartney silk bra

Vintage silk skirt

Zara shoes

Vintage leather clutch

Grey freshwater pearl earrings


I am curious to find out about pleasant surprises that happened to you.



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