Sparkling nude pedicure

Rituals | Pedicure

Just in time for those perfect summer sandals. Pair the sparkling nude manicure with this sleek and glam pedicure.

First step is to prepare everything you will need before you get started.


Here is a list of what I use for this nude pedicure ritual:

  • acetone free nail polish remover
  • cotton pads
  • glass nail file
  • ceramic cuticle pen
  • color correcting pen
  • base coat which is also the main color
  • top coat
  • cuticle nourishing oil
  • golden loose glitter
  • rich hand cream
  • I also use a glass sheet to protect the table. The glass is very easy to clean if your nails polish does get on it.


These are also the products I used for the sparkling nude manicure- you can see the post here. Besides all this, I also used the toes separators from Avon and a clean felt brush from an empty eyeliner which is so beautiful that I had to reuse.

Step 2. Remove any residues off your nails. It’s better to use an acetone free nail remover. I do this even if my nails were not painted, to make sure I remove the oily film off the nails. this way the nail polish adheres better.


Step 3. Using a wooden or ceramic cuticle pushers, free the bed of your nails from dead skin by pushing it towards your finger. I do this before filing my nails. When your nails are freed from the excess skin they might have another shape at the base. Try to resist cutting it, because this will only make your cuticles grow thicker, or in the worst case you might get an infection.


Step 4. Use a glass nail file to give the desired shape to your nails. Usually the best shape that fits you is the shape of the nails at their base.


Step 5. Use a base coat to avoid the yellow coloring of your nails. In this case I used Ballet Slippers from Essie.  It works well as a base, but it is pretty enough to be worn for the color as well. I like to use the toe separators (easy to clean, just throw them in the washing machine every now and then) to avoid messing up the paint.


Step 6. After painting your nails (1 layer of base coat and 1 or 2 layers of top coat) use a nail polish remover pencil to correct the edges or mishaps. A perfect pedicure always has a ½ mm gap between the cuticles and where the nail polish starts.


Step 7. I added an extra glam to my nails with some golden flakes. Before the polish gets to dry, dab a clean, yet wet, felt brush in the glitter jar and gently press each flake on your nails in the desired shape.

You can skip this step if you want to keep it simple.



Step 8. Apply a layer of top coat to give the extra shine and protect your beautifully painted nails.


Step 9. Nourish your cuticles with a special oil. While many mani/ pedicurists do this right after filing the nails, I like to do this as a last step, because I don’t have to wash it off to apply the nail polish and while the oil absorbs in the skin, I tend to be more careful with the nails.


Step 10. When your nails are done, apply a nourishing cream to make this process feel even more like a ritual.

Wait a few minutes before you get your sandals on, or up to one or more hours if you have to wear socks or closed shoes.


Have fun painting your nails!



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