happy women’s day

to all of us. The ones beautiful inside. And to the ones who are going that way. To those who fought for us to have what we have today and most of all to those who are still fighting for it. Love you all.

I was in the shower. I felt so happy, somehow beyond words, even though today was not my best day, and at some point in the afternoon I felt quite a bit down. I wanted to invite my boyfriend to have a cocktail. But he didn’t answer to my calls nor emails. So I figured it was up to me to make myself feel better, feel loved and strong. On my way home I went to a flower shop. I wanted to buy myself the most beautiful bouquet they had. But I didn’t like any of them. Still , being determined I chose some single roses, some other tiny flower small bouquets and asked the florist to make me a beautiful bouquet. I waited in line for almost 15 minutes, between, most of them men, some buying the cheapest bouquets, other buying the most extravagant ones. Some of them also gave directions to the florists saying what their woman likes or doesn’t. The last ones were having a wide smile on their faces. So did I. They wrapped mine completely in paper . As soon as I got out, I unwrapped it and held it proudly in my hand, smelling the beautifully scented roses and feeling like the happiest. It is definitely not the first time I buy myself flowers, but somehow today it felt different. It felt like i am strong, self reliable, like I don’t need or expect anything from anyone. I can be my everything if it would come to that. Of course I enjoy being loved and spoiled. But today was about me.

On the way home I saw some bushes with dark berries and I plucked a few  (sorry dear neighbours) which made my bouquet perfect. I met our neighbour at the front door who was a gentleman and opened it  for me. As I got home S was not waiting for me with flowers, but, as soon as I got in, he said, with a huge smile on its face, that he will prepare the dinner for us by himself. My favourite one, which is kind of laborious and which we usually make together. Yes, that is what I truly enjoy. Someone making a nice gesture for me, not expecting to get something, but to be surprised with the small things. Today.

I showered, put on my favourite oil, the sexiest slippers and my new pyjamas, lit my favourite candle, poured ourselves some wine and smelled my flowers.

Beautiful women from all over the world, respect yourselves and love yourselves. Make what feels right and good for you. Always, but if possible, especially today.

Listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite movie, relax, take your make-up off, think of the special women in your life and be thankful for them, even if they are one call away or you have to search for them in the stars. Tonight is about enjoying. The other days of the year are about fighting.


Gotta run. Dinner is ready and it’s smelling amazing.


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